Charles Earland – Intergalactic Love Song

Charles Earland - Intergalactic Love Song ⋆ Florian Keller - Funk Related

Mercury – 73793 * Styrene *  USA * 1976

the younger may only know the diddys vocal version, those veterans who still remember what hip house was maybe the sample from d.o.c. cj mackintosh remix of “portrait of a masterpiece” of charles earlands original trippy arp synth masterwork contained on the 1976 album “odyssey”

wich was -after the seminal “leaving this planet” album- the 2nd of earlands fusion output, followed by “the great pyramid” and “revelation”

Discogs to search for the OG 7″ & more info
Digital I-Tunes * Spotify * Deezer

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