Lee Fields – Funky Screw

Angle 3 ‎– 1004 * Vinyl * 7″ * 45 RPM * USA * 1974

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First heard that down home rustic Funk tune in 1993 on Phillipe Lehman & Aldo Rosati‘s Pure Compilation. As everybody knows, hard working Mr. Fields had a great comeback and frequently tours with his band, The Expressions

“In 1969, Fields released his first single on the Bedford label, “Bewildered” b/w “Tell Her I Love Her.” He recorded “Gonna Make Love” on London Records in 1973. That same year, Fields released the popular 45, “Let’s Talk It Over” b/w “She’s a Love Maker”. Fields dropped “Everybody Gonna Give Their Thing Away to Somebody (Sometime)” b/w “East Coast Rapper,” on SoundPlus in 1975. Most of the second half of the 70’s Fields spent cutting singles for Angle 3 Records, including “The Bull Is Coming” b/w “Funky Screw”. In 1980 he released a full-length album with Angle 3 called Let’s Talk It Over.” (Wikipedia)

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