Feedback Killers For Club-Turntables

Media Shock Resonance Absorbers

Most club owners don’t care about a decent dj booth. That was always the case and since digital got more and more standard, a proper set up turntable became a true rarity. Seen the strangest constuctions (such as the wobbly “freefloat absorber”), a pile of toilet paper rolls or half squash-balls under each 1210-foot to name a few.

the freefloat absorber

All of them are more or less effective  solutions for club owners but not for the travelling dj! I started searching for a useful gadget that can be thrown in the recordbag and effectively works and found those “Media Shock Resonance Absorbers“. What can I say: They do their job! In some locations you can’t help at all anymore but in most cases they kill  bass feedback efficiently. And at ca. €20,00 they are really not overpriced.

Certainly there’s  even more effective bass absorbers on the market but none of them seems to be as handy and uncomplicated.

A bigger alternative, the MK stands where I have no experience with them and they seem to be a bit bulky fortransport, but anyway they look quite promising

Club owners: That one should be worth a try, espscially at this low price if still available there

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