Funk Related Radioshow #010 – The 1970 Mix


I Marc 4 – Ray Ban
Waltel Branco – Tema De Suspense
Funkadelic – Good Old Music
Tenison Stephens – Don’t Rip Me Off
Bethea The Maskman – Ghetto Love
Bit Of Honey – Live In Maid
Dorothy Ashby – The Moving Finger
Lost Generation, The – The Sly, Slick, And The Wicked
Barbara Acklin – Is It Me
Ruby Andrews – Casanova 70
Three Degrees, The – Collage
Horace Silver Sextet With Vocals – Old Mother Nature Calls
Marvin Gaye – Just To Keep You Satisfied
James Brown – September Song
Howard Blake – Elephant Rides Again
Meters, The – A Message From The Meters
Joe Hicks – Life And Death In G & A
Dynamic Tints, The & Pieces Of Peace Orchestra – Be My Lady Arnold Albury And The Casuals – That’s A Bet
Philip Cohran And The Artistic Heritage Ensemble – The African Look
Ronald Stein – Pigs Go Home (Florian Keller Edit)
Jimmy McGriff – Fat Cakes
Soul Sister, The – Another Night
Bobby Reed – The Time Is Right For Love
Marie “Queenie” Lyons – Snake In The Grass
Sisters Love – Ha Ha Ha
Kool & The Gang – Give It Up
Enoch Light And The Light Brigade – Mas Que Nada
Grodeck Whipperjenny, The- Conclusions
Shades Of Joy – The Desert Is A Circle
Howard Wales And Jerry Garcia – Uncle Martin’s
Stevie Wonder – Por Primera Vez
Hard Meat – Freewheel
Alton Ellis – What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)
Girls, The – The Hurt’s Still Here
Barbara Acklin – What’s It Gonna Be
New Perspective, The – Stone Outta My Head
Fela Kuti – Wichcraft
Mike Westbrook – Original Peter

Funk Related Radioshow #009


Shuya Okuno: Still In Love – Nik Weston String Only Version (Mukatsuku 12″)
Chain Reaction: Changes (Jam Sessions 12″)
Jean Wells: I Can’t Stop Dancing – Remix (TEC 12″)
Quad: Funky Love Sing (Leo Mini 7″)
Marva Whitney With James Brown: You Got To Have A Job (Republic Lp: Live At Home The After Show)
Devils Workshop: Satans Soul (Private Press 7″)
Rayfield Reid & The Supernaturals: Stick-Shift (JSJ 7″)
Soul Unlimited: Dark Side Of Town (Mohawk 7″)
Darondo Ft. The Park: Burnin Up (DD 7″)
Earles Inc.: Close To You (Zudan 7″)
Ray Alexander Techniques: Let’s Talk (Lu Jun 7″)
Blade Family: MyBaby’s Gone (King James 7″)
Willie Cockrell: Face To Face (Tener 7″)
Brother Jack McDuff: Let My People Go (Cadet 7″)
Rhoda Scott: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Barclay Lp: Live At The Saint-Germain)
Novi Singers: Secret Life (Saba Lp: Novi In Wonderland)
Dave Love: Baby Hard Times (World 7″)
Honey & The Bees: (I Want You To) Make Love To Me (Josie 7″)
Robert Lee & The Exquisites: Lisa (Steeltown 7″)
Cliff Curry: Let Love Come In – Acoustic Demo (Cannonball 7″)
Gloria Ann Taylor: Deep Inside You (Columbia 7″)
Lambchop: Give Me Your Love (City Slang 12″)
The Four Tops: No Sad Songs (ABC Dunhill Lp: Meeting Of The Minds)
The Treacherous Three: The Body Rock (Enjoy 12″)
Cloud One: The Patty Duke (Sound Of New York, USA 12″)
9th Creation: Much Too Much (Hilltrak 7″)
Ballplayers: American Worker (Private Press 7″)
Larry McGee Revolution: The Burg (Boogie Band 7″)
MD-20-20: Listen To The Rhythm Band (Magic Show 7″)
The Cuban Brothers: Ain’t No Need (Outta Sight 7″)
Real Thing: Boogie Down (PYE 12″)
MC Rock Lovely: One Time Two Times Blow Your Mind (La Shawn 12″)
Vin Zee: Funky Be Bop (Emergency 12″)
Julius Wright: Things Will Change (RS Lp: R&B Rhythm N Blues)
June Conquest: Almost Persuaded (Fame 7″)

Funk Related Radioshow #008 (The Protest Mix)

Bill Lee & Branford Marsalis – We Love Roll Call Y’all (Columbia Lp-Track)
Gil Scott-Heron – Black History / The World (Arista Lp-Track)
General Crook – What Time it Is (Down To Earth 7″)
Sweet Charles – Why Can’t I Be Treated Like A Man (People Lp-Track)
Roy Ayers – Ain’t Got Time (Polydor Lp-Track)
Final Seconds – Society (Bou-Kou 7″)
Eugene Blacknell – We Got To Live Together (Seaside 7″)
Joe Quarterman – Way They Do My Life (GSF 7″)
Freddie Robinson – Off The Cuff (Enterprise Lp-Track)
Last Poets – The Courtroom (Blue Thumb Lp-Track)
Lost Weekend – Trouble (Lost Weekend 7″)
Timmy Thomas – Rainbow Power (Glades 7″)
Jeboria Stuart – We’ve Got To Change The Plan (Great American 7″)
Mugo – Organize (Space Travel 7″)
Reuben Wilson – Got To Get Your Own (Chess 7″)
Eclipse – Fired Up Can’t Take No More (Essa 7″)
Brother D & Collective Effort – How We Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise (Clappers 12″)
Stevie Wonder – Blackman (Motown 12″)
Watts Prophets – Sell Your Soul (Ala Lp-Track)
Ernie Hines – Our Generation (We Produce Lp-Track)
Impressions – Inner City Blues (Curtom 7″)
Ray Frazier – I Who Have Nothing Am Somebody (Stanson 7″)
Flames – Stand Up And Be Counted (People 7″)
Getto Kitty – Stand Up And Be Counted (Stroud 7″)
Advanced Workers – You Was Dancin Need To Be Marchin So You Can Dance Later On (Peoples War 7″)
Heem – Wake Up People (Jazzman 12″)
Lucky Peterson – Our Future (Today 7″)
Funky Music Machine – Gotta Clean Up The World (Black Top 7″)
Darondo – Let My People go (Af-Fa World 7″)
Maskman & Agents – Stand Up (B.B.C. 7″)
Internationals – Give A Damn (D’ Or 7″)
Nat Turner Rebellion – Tribute To A Slave (Delvallant 7″)
Malcolm Locks – Get Up Stand Up (Old Town 7″)
James Brown – Get Up Get Into It Get Involved (King 7″)
Dyke & Blazers – My Sisters And My Brothers Day Is Comin’ (Original Sound 7″)
Pharaohs – Freedaom Road (Scarab 7″)
Linda Tillery – Freedom Time (Olivia Lp-Track)
Doug Carn – Time Is Running Out (Black Jazz Lp-Track)