Return Of The Boombox (next generation Sharp VZ-2000)

Well, for all of you who made their thoughts about the practical use of a handy loudspeaker for musical outdoor entertainment here’s somethin’ for you.


The Bluetooth  monster has 960 watts, 120db volume, up to 30 hours energy with the Tesla-prooved 62,400 mAh Lithium Ion power cell, $1700.00.



Here’s how the Sharp VZ-2000 ooked like for those who are not familiar with that monster:


Vinyl Before Proper Cleaning & After

A truely rotten record i bought 2nd hand a long time ago. i used to brush it with those carbon brushes, washed it with palmolive soap & soft cloth and also tried the “knosti” cleaning machine with that very record before i finally got me a Hannl Micro vacuum record cleaning machine (similar to Nitty Gritty, Vpi, Keith Monks or the really cheap KAB) and made some experiences: Nearly every record sounds a bit more brilliant after washing (also brand new ones sometimes) – Real scratches oviously can’t be repaired but: There is deep groove dirt which can cause pops or even skips that vacuum record cleaners can reach while other conventional methods fail! Here’s an example what a vacuum machine can do what a velvet brush or a dishwashing detergent can’t!!

Feedback Killers For Club-Turntables

Media Shock Resonance Absorbers

Most club owners don’t care about a decent dj booth. That was always the case and since digital got more and more standard, a proper set up turntable became a true rarity. Seen the strangest constuctions (such as the wobbly “freefloat absorber”), a pile of toilet paper rolls or half squash-balls under each 1210-foot to name a few. All of them not really a solution. I started searching for a useful gadget that works and is sized suitable for transport i found those “Media Shock Resonance Absorbers“. What can I say: They do their job! In some locations you can’t help at all anymore but in most cases they kill  bass feedback efficiently. And at ca. €20,00 they are really not overpriced.

fail: the freefloat absorber