45s Record Storage by Button Up Furniture

Post stolen & quoted  from 45Live.net . Author: Pete Isaac, 14th August 2018

45s Record Storage
The ‘Allnighter’
by Button Up Furniture

When it comes to storage for your records, you are well served if you collect 12″ vinyl, but for 45s the choices are not as vast unless you count all the various ‘hacks’ that people employ to store their 7″ collection, like shoe boxes, various drinks crates, wooden boxes that are almost the right size and so on. But this fact has been changing over the last year or 2 with some incredibly stylish and beautifully handcrafted pieces of furniture making it to market. Of course, these high-end pieces come with high-end price tags. You can make your own too, we recently saw what 45 Live crew DJ Woody made out of MDF, and that was a simple cabinet for card drawers, very effective and very cheap!


But if you aren’t comfortable with crafting your own, and you have a fairly decent budget then the ‘Allnighter’ by Button Up Furniture could well be a prime contender. Made in Bosse Cedar wood with a natural matt lacquer, these mid-century styled drawers look the business. Featuring soft close drawers on hidden runners and with a very cool cut out so the front facing 7″ label shows through perfectly, and all set on beautiful angled legs. Measuring 102cm wide x 80cm high x 40cm deep with 8 drawers, there is plenty of storage for a small to medium collection. Each of the 8 drawers holds approximately 160 x 45s making a solution for up to 1300 x 45s, which should be enough for many collectors/DJs.


The cabinets are made to order in roughly 3 weeks and are shipped fully assembled, no messing about with allen keys and diagrams. Costing €985 these also aren’t cheap, but they are a lot more affordable than the Plattenkreisel drawers, albeit smaller.

We think it’s pretty gorgeous, beautifully made by Maribel and Pedro in Spain and would also serve as a perfect base for a (vintage) turntable and amp. Stick a pair of vintage Tannoy speakers either side of the cabinet and it’s instantly the most important piece of furniture in your house!

Now, I wonder if my wife might buy one for me for my next birthday?

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