Clarence Reid – Miss Hot Stuff

Alston Records – 4600 * Vinyl * 7″ * USA * 1971

Released not long before the first Blowfly album and 2 years ahead of Blowflys, The – Funky In The Hole, this one sounds very much like the beginning of Reid’s well known alter ego. Somehow this record hasn’t seemed to be pressed in ammounts worth mentioning and therefore not too easy to purchase copies.

More in-depth info on Mr Reid on the great WBSS website

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Human Blood – Blood City Funk


Witch’s Brew – WB 216 * Vinyl * 7″ * 45rpm * USA * 1977


Recorded by Walter Grady at at the still intact Galaxie III Studios in North Carolina. Grady found several labels like Cobra, Linco or Graytom Records.

“Raised in Dunn, NC, migrated north to New Haven, Connecticut, with his siblings, Walter Grady accompanied his wife back to North Carolina in the early 1960s, proud of her accomplishments as an educator and grateful for her opportunity to teach as Dudley High School in East Greensboro. Walter’s dreams of becoming the next Berry Gordy were far off, but as long as he still had to carry bags to make ends meet to help support his young family, he might as well do it at a the Statler-Hilton — the luxury hotel in Greensboro where he was most likely to run into music business people.
His decades-long forays into the music industry – founding record labels, co-writing songs and producing musical acts – eventually afforded him opportunities to be in the company of star-makers such as Atlantic Records president Jerry Wexler and future founder of Sugar Hill Records, Sylvia Robinson. With the careers of young George Bishop, Roy Roberts and a dozen other aspiring hit-makers in tow, he also would partner with a local radio DJ whose personality and popularity could likely increase the odds of one his proteges’ records breaking locally, regionally and perhaps nationally.
… most of his efforts remain unknown, even to most Greensboro natives.” (Discogs)

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