€700,00 Record Cleaning Machine!

I just browsed the web to check out news concerning record cleaning machines. As i posted before i absolutely recommend to use them if you can deal with the high cost od thse machines. So i stumbled over the Nessie-Vynilmaster machine, it has the same body than the Hannl (that  perfectly works for me for years and years now) with some added electronics.

This particular Nessie-Vinylmaster is a left-hander product. I am left-handed myself but never, ever thought that it woud make any difference at wich corner of the machine the buttons and arms are placed. As probably every left-handed person would agree with, that product might not make any difference to the right-handed one. That might be the reason why they reduced it drastically at this mail order shop in northern Germany. The price is roughly one third of the machine i once bought  and apparently the same thing or better! Site in german but i do hope you know how to translate websites if necessary.

*If you have lots of 45’s this accessories kit for €145.00 makes sense*


Here’s a video of the model with a liquid reservoir w. automatic dispenser (in quite  charming “englisch”)

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