Turntable Weight & 45 Adapter Combined

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTg4xtPQAz4&w=560&h=315]

Varia Instruments, a swiss manufacturer known for their rotary mixers, just released a platter-weight that includes a slide-out 45 adapter. Interesting detail seems to be the sticky rubber texture that is claimed to let you control the records by handling the weight. Cost CHF 89.00 (aprox € 75.00 or $ 89.00) plus shipping

High Class Vinyl Storage

After years of research and endless fine adjusting efforts in his mad scientist castle, Atomic Cafe‘s Roland Schunk is about to start his line of hi-class vinyl record storage furniture soon on his website.

Expect nothing else than great looking and hyperfunctional phono furniture and accessoires, handcrafted of the finest materials.

Pricerange: costy


Professional Dj Headphones For Cheap!

Just bought a new set of Beyerdynamic DT770’s on te manufacturer’s website as b-stock and they attached a set of free Custom Street headphones.

Solid built, extremely good in isolating the ambience around which is essential for loud clubs since: You can mix much better when the volume of your headphone is at a low volume (after you checked the tune, just in the phase of blending two tracks). If you never experienced that: Try it, you’ll be surprised!

Anyway, Custom Street headset has a solid, durable construction, sounds loud and nicely neutral (as long as you don’t turn on that very affective bass boost) comes with a detatchable 1 m cable (changeable with any 3,5 mm cable on the market) and a gig bag (plus some nerdy things to “style” your ear cups.

Wyh am I mentioning this? Because the thing costr regularely €120.00 it seems they didn’t suceed to marked that model and now you can find it for €40.00
Which makes it the cheapest serious dj headphone around. Be quick if you wanna catch one!

Cheapest german shop

Return Of The Boombox (next generation Sharp VZ-2000)

Well, for all of you who made their thoughts about the practical use of a handy loudspeaker for musical outdoor entertainment here’s somethin’ for you.


Original Sharp VZ-2000 Boombox with built-in vertical turntable. (early 80’s)

The Bluetooth  monster has 960 watts, 120db volume, up to 30 hours energy with the Tesla-prooved 62,400 mAh Lithium Ion power cell, $1700.00.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05DdoB1cwcA?rel=0&w=560&h=315]


Feedback Killers For Club-Turntables

Media Shock Resonance Absorbers

Most club owners don’t care about a decent dj booth. That was always the case and since digital got more and more standard, a proper set up turntable became a true rarity. Seen the strangest constuctions (such as the wobbly “freefloat absorber”), a pile of toilet paper rolls or half squash-balls under each 1210-foot to name a few. All of them not really a solution. I started searching for a useful gadget that works and is sized suitable for transport i found those “Media Shock Resonance Absorbers“. What can I say: They do their job! In some locations you can’t help at all anymore but in most cases they kill  bass feedback efficiently. And at ca. €20,00 they are really not overpriced.

fail: the freefloat absorber



Small Stylus Case (3D Print)

This is the only stylus-case i ever found in a no-nonsense size for traveling. You can download the data from thingiverse.com and get it printed on any 3D printer. I have this case since 2013 and can’t complain at all. 3D online print services are all over the place nowadays, so if you don’t have access to a printer you’ll find a company.